3 Reasons You Should Hire a Professional for Tree Care

By Nancy Penrose The trees on your property require routine maintenance. As time goes on, you may notice limbs look dangerously low, or maybe signs of health issues look like they’re popping up. Fixing these types of things yourself may be your first thought, but hiring a professional is a […] Read more »

Silva Construction Restores Fire Damaged Master Bedroom

SAN PEDRO, CA: Silva Construction, (https://www.silvaconstruction.com/) a residential and commercial remodeling company serving the south bay area of Los Angeles, recently restored a home that had been damaged by a fire. The fire in the home was started by an incandescent light bulb that was in one of the closets […] Read more »

5 Popular Types of Flooring for Your Home

By Niko Papaheraklis So, you’re thinking of changing your flooring, but you’re not sure what all your options are. Well, we’ve got you covered! Below, we’ve listed out the most popular types of flooring, the cost of each, their pros and cons, and where each type is best suited in […] Read more »

FineCraft Contractors Becomes an Affiliate Member of AIADC

GAITHERSBURG, MD: FineCraft Contractors, Inc., (https://finecraftcontractors.com/) has become an affiliate member of the Washington DC Chapter of the American Institute of Architects. The American Institute of Architects in DC (AIADC) was founded in 1887 and serves the Nation’s Capital. This chapter was intimately involved in the design and planning of […] Read more »

3 Common Tree Problems

By Nancy Penrose How many times have you looked at your trees, saw something off and thought, “hmm… is that normal?” And then forgot about it or decided to put it off? Even if this happened to you just once, it’s time to learn the three most common tree problems, […] Read more »

Big Trees Inc. Installs Large Japanese Maple for Client

SNOHOMISH, WA: Big Trees Inc., (https://bigtreesupply.com/), a tree sales and transplant company, helped install a large Japanese Maple into a landscape for their clients under short notice, and the project went off without a hitch. Big Trees was approached by their clients asking for help with a special, new specimen […] Read more »

Ulan Nutritional Systems Releases 2nd Edition of Free eBook

CLEARWATER, FL: Ulan Nutritional Systems (https://unsinc.info), a company delivering training to chiropractors, nutritionists, and other holistic practitioners, has released a revised version of their free eBook “Theory & Purpose of Nutrition Response Testing® 2nd Edition” by Freddie Ulan, DC, CCN. The eBook gives the basics of Nutrition Response Testing, a […] Read more »

Silva Construction Urges Homeowners to Get Earthquake Retrofitting in Light of Recent Earthquakes

SAN PEDRO, CA: Silva Construction (https://www.silvaconstruction.com/), a residential and commercial remodeling company serving the south bay area of Los Angeles, is urging homeowners to consider getting earthquake retrofitting in light of two recent earthquakes. In less than two days, California experienced two of the largest earthquakes in the state since […] Read more »