Why You Should Care About Tree Health

By Nancy Penrose “Health care” is not a phrase most people associate with trees. Why do tree experts talk so much about tree health care? Simply because it’s the best way to care for your trees and keep your property looking beautiful. Here are some of the targets of tree […] Read more »

Our custom-built portico is almost done!

By George Papaheraklis In case you didn’t know, we do build custom pieces for our clients, and when we get the opportunity to do so, we get so excited! It’s a chance for us to be fully creative and create something for you that no one else has. This time, […] Read more »

FineCraft Contractors Wins MBIA Award of Excellence

GAITHERSBURG, MD: FineCraft Contractors, Inc., (https://finecraftcontractors.com/) recently won the MBIA (Maryland Building Industry Association) Remodeling and Custom Building Award of Excellence. On November 22, 2019, FineCraft won the MBIA Remodeling and Custom Building Award of Excellence for a house they remodeled in Potomac in collaboration with Axis Architects. For this […] Read more »

Silva Construction Added 5 Tips to the Home Remodeling Series

SAN PEDRO, CA: Silva Construction, (https://www.silvaconstruction.com/) a construction company, is adding five tips to their home remodeling tips series for homeowners. The remodeling process has a lot to consider and take into account. Silva decided to add onto their original list of home remodeling tips to get homeowners as prepared […] Read more »

3 Winter Tree Care Tips

By Nancy Penrose Ever wonder why trees shed their leaves in the winter? It’s their way of conserving needed water during the cold months and is one way that they protect themselves. There are a few ways we can help protect our trees in the winter so they stay healthy […] Read more »

FineCraft Contractors Completes Recent Major Remodeling Project

GAITHERSBURG, MD: FineCraft Contractors, Inc., (https://finecraftcontractors.com/) recently completed a new major remodeling project. FineCraft recently completed a project in the Washington, DC area within a month and a half from scratch. The project involved the installation of 90 cabinets, 35 of which were seven feet tall, another 35 being two […] Read more »