Anything Can Cause Anything

By Cori Stern, DC As a Nutrition Response Testing® Practitioner it is common amongst our peers to say, “Anything can cause anything.”  Here are a few cases that illustrate that point. A 62-year-old man came into my office that was taking 3 different high blood pressure medications. He had a […] Read more »

FineCraft Contractors Was Featured on

GAITHERSBURG, MD: FineCraft Contractors, Inc., ( was recently featured in an article on Matt Clawson, a Houzz contributor, recently wrote an article about the 5 Remodels That Make Good Resale Value Sense — and 5 That Don’t. This article featured one of FineCraft’s living room remodels as an example […] Read more »

PEMF Basics

by Larry Judge PEMF stands for “pulsed electromagnetic field.” The earth has an electromagnetic field which pulses with a certain frequency that can be measured. This magnetic pulse is as vital to human and other forms of life as food, air, and water. Human bodies also pulse with the same […] Read more »

The Dangers of Exposure to EMFs

by Larry Judge EMF stands for ElectroMagnetic Fields. Many things generate an electromagnetic field, including the earth, and human bodies. In fact, our bodies need the electromagnetic fields generated by the earth to regularly recharge the energy levels in the cells. Electromagnetic fields are also generated by man-made devices, such […] Read more »

Silva Construction Offers Soft Story Retrofit Services

SAN PEDRO, CA: Silva Construction, ( a construction company, is now offering soft story retrofit services. A typical Soft-Story building is a building with two or more stories located over a ground level floor with large openings, such as parking garages, or a commercial store with a large glass front. […] Read more »

A Mid Century Modern Project Open House

By Niko Papaheraklis We are very excited to share that we are having an open house of a mid century modern project we did with Manion Architects! The open house will be on Saturday, May 18th at 2:00pm to 5:00pm in Potomac, MD. For this project, we added a rear […] Read more »

FineCraft Contractors Building a Row House in Washington, DC

GAITHERSBURG, MD: FineCraft Contractors, Inc., ( is currently building a row house from the ground up in Washington DC. Since most row houses are added onto or remodeled, FineCraft Contractors Inc. is doing something different by building it from the ground up. Jonathon Kuhn is the architect and the project […] Read more »