Big Trees Inc. Helped a Builder Move a Large Landscape Tree

SNOHOMISH, WA: Big Trees Inc., (, a tree sales and transplant company, was contacted by a builder to move a large landscape tree on their property. The builder had been speculating on a property for some time, and in making their intentions for the property known, the city inspectors realized […] Read more »

Brite Smiles is Recommending a New Breed of Apple

APPLE VALLEY, MN – Brite Smiles Dental Care (, in Apple Valley, is recommending and sharing information about the new First Kiss® apple. With fall just around the corner and healthy teeth and gums at the forefront of the staff at Brite Smiles Dental Care, they are recommending University of […] Read more »

Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps Explains Why You Should Get Your Chimney Ready for Winter Now

EDEN PRAIRIE, MN – Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps (, in Eden Prairie, is explaining to homeowners why they should get their chimney ready for winter now, along with how to save with their Fall Blue Sky Special According to Blue Sky, there are several good reasons why homeowners should get […] Read more »

Are Bumps on Trunks Bad for Trees?

By Nancy Penrose As you appreciate the fully grown leaves on your trees in the summer, you may notice bulges growing on tree trunks. What are those bumps and are they bad for your trees? Well, to answer the first question, those bulges are called burls and the cause of […] Read more »

Squishy Mail Sent to Alpaca Herd Owners

Fiber Artist and Spinster Ameda Holmes Sends Handspun Yarn to Epic Alpacas FARMERSVILLE, TX – Ameda Holmes of AmedaDesigns ( sends thirteen skeins of yarn spun during July to Epic Alpacas. Weighing just over three pounds, and totaling 2,424 yards of 3 ply yarn, this was the result of several […] Read more »