Earthquake Emergency Kit: What Should You Have?

Angelenos need to be preparing for the “Big One” With two huge earthquakes striking Mexico — less than two weeks apart — and a large earthquake hitting the Pacific (near Japan), now is a good time to make sure you’re ready for substantial seismic activity. Every earthquake emergency kit should […] Read more »

What Does Earthquake Magnitude Really Mean?

With two massive earthquakes striking Mexico, less than two weeks apart – one at a 7.1 and one at an 8.1 magnitude – it’s important to understand how seismologist weigh the size of a quake. According to today’s science, the magnitude of a temblor is determined by the amount of […] Read more »

3.6 El terremoto sacude Los Ángeles, se sentía de Westwood a San Fernando Valley

Afortunadamente, no hubo daños reportados. De hecho, Los Ángeles recibe terremotos de este tamaño con relativa frecuencia. “Recibimos estos terremotos de tamaño con bastante frecuencia”, el sismólogo Zachary Reeves al Los Angeles Times. “Cualquier daño severo sería bastante improbable”. Una réplica de 2,0 años siguió al terremoto. A principios de […] Read more »

Sismólogos Esperan dar Pronósticos de Terremotos Públicos

Mientras que los sismólogos no pueden predecir exactamente cuándo y dónde ocurrirá el próximo gran terremoto, muchos esperan proporcionar al público un servicio de pronóstico sísmico que informaría a las diversas comunidades de California sobre cuándo y dónde es más probable que ocurran las posibilidades de un terremoto mayor. “Creo […] Read more »

Seismologists Hoping to Give Public Earthquake Forecasts

While seismologists cannot predict exactly when and where the next major earthquake will occur, many are hoping to provide the public with an earthquake forecast service that would inform California’s various communities of when and where the chances for a major earthquake are more likely to happen. “I think the […] Read more »