HeartCell.org Invites Public to Share Experiences with Stem Cell Treatment

HeartCell.org Announces Open and Ongoing Request for Reviews of Stem Cell Clinics and Institutions Los Angeles – HeartCell.org (http://www.heartcell.org), a free informational resource guide for cardiac cell therapy, is inviting patients to share their experience with the benefits of stem cells. The website founders are interested in the public’s stem […] Read more »

Heart Stem Cell Therapy Offers a New Chance for Heart Disease Patients

New Website Launched to Enlighten Patients and Guide them to Health Los Angeles – HeartCell (http://www.heartcell.org), a free informational resource guide for heart stem cell therapy, has just been launched to enlighten patients on the treatments available for such heart conditions as congestive heart failure and coronary artery disease. In […] Read more »