Book-Writing Goals

by Susan Mary Malone Writers ask me this literally all the time. Especially when trying to find their sea legs, novel writers worry whether they’re writing enough. Often enough. Volume enough. Wanting to keep up with the Kings and the Pattersons. “Should I set an hour/time or a word-count as […] Read more »

Developmental Editor Susan Mary Malone to Speak at LexiCon 2014

Editor and Award Winning Author to Speak at This Year’s LexiCon Writer’s Conference in Denton, TX DALLAS, TX: Susan Mary Malone, ( developmental editor (with over 40 books she’s edited published by traditional publishers) and award-winning author, will be speaking at the upcoming LexiCon writer’s convention. Ms Malone spoke at […] Read more »

Structure And The Novel—The Climax

by Susan Mary Malone Loved this from Literary Agent Lucienne Diver’s (The Knight Agency) recent FB post: You know when you hit that point in writing your novel where you just want to say, “And then more stuff happens, the end”? Surging into the climax, the Supreme Ordeal, is not […] Read more »

Developmental Editor Warns Literary Agents Hard to Find

Susan Mary Malone Advises Newer Authors On How to Find a Literary Agent DALLAS, TX: Susan Mary Malone, ( a developmental editor and award-winning book author, has released an article penned to give up-and-coming authors an insight into how to go about finding the right literary agent. Addressing the issue […] Read more »

Structure and the Novel–Building To The Finish

By Susan Mary Malone Okay, so you’ve done your book development and set up your novel well, established conflicts and turning points and twists. You’ve created allies and villains and tests. You’ve successfully navigated through the first two acts, avoiding those dreaded sagging middles. If written correctly, we’ve just come […] Read more »

New Video Explains Developmental Editing Process

Editor Susan Mary Malone Details the Process Of Turning A Manuscript Into A Novel DALLAS, TX: Susan Mary Malone, ( developmental editor and award-winning author, has recently released a new video describing developmental book editing process. In the video Ms. Malone defines the basics of the manuscript editing procedure and […] Read more »