Our Warranty

Our refinishing services are warranted against peeling, blistering, or warping for a period of five years from the date of application.  Unlike less experienced contractors, you can trust us to be there if you have any issue to address down the road. 

Unlike frustrated customers calling us from other refinishing companies, we do NOT require you to present a copy of a warranty certificate to prove warranty coverage.  Instead, we keep a record of all work performed so you don’t need to worry about losing warranty documents. We also carefully track any and all requests received for warranty service and ensure that all such inquiries are recorded, inspected and then repaired under warranty as applicable, and if for some reason the problem is not covered by warranty, repair it immediately if desired, as economically as possible.  If for some reason your request for warranty service is not granted due to an issue found by the technician upon inspection, you have a direct request line here on this site to have the matter reconsidered by management.  The owners and management take our promises, our warranty and your concerns very seriously so you can be confident your warranty is real, and that any concerns you might have in the future will be heard and addressed.

Please request a copy of our current warranty statement for details or simply review the statement on the reverse side of your Service Order before work is started.

Note that our 5 year warranty does not include kitchen sinks, laundry sinks, and stove tops due to the heavy wear and tear they are often subjected to (heavy impacts, chemicals and heat).  Note however, these items are commonly refinished by us and can last for many years when handled with care.

Warranties in the refinishing industry do not cover damage such as general wear and tear, chemical stains, negligence, accidents, abuse etc. just as the original  fixture was not warranted by the manufacturer against damage caused by these things.  Our warranty does guarantee the quality of our workmanship and integrity of our process.

Following our simple guidelines will ensure your refinished surface lasts for many years. (see Care & Maintenance for details).

If you have any questions, would like an estimate or to place your order, give us a call.

Remember our toll free number (800)55-PACIFIC
or call (818) 541-0404

Our knowledgeable and friendly office staff are ready and happy to assist you.

CONTACT US ONLINE: You can also request an estimate or ask a question online.

ORDER ONLINE: Experienced customers can immediately place an order online at any time of day or night, and we’ll simply call you or your tenant later on to confirm scheduling.

* See our warranty statement for details. Note that kitchen and laundry sinks do not carry the same 5 year warranty due to the abuse they are commonly subject to. However our workmanship is always guaranteed in case of any error in the application process. Refinished kitchen sinks can last many years when care and maintenance suggestions are followed.