By Nancy Penrose

How many times have you looked at your trees, saw something off and thought, “hmm… is that normal?” And then forgot about it or decided to put it off? Even if this happened to you just once, it’s time to learn the three most common tree problems, so when you see it, you can get it fixed as soon as possible.

1. Scorched Leaves

Overexposure to harsh sunlight can cause leaves to get scorched. This is evidenced by leaves that are dehydrated and look brown, shriveled and burned. To help prevent this from happening, increase watering and add mulch for protection.

2. Improper Pruning

Most commonly, improper pruning is when trees are overly trimmed or are severely under-trimmed. No matter the case, the tree can have a hard time absorbing water and breathing properly.

3. Wilted Leaves

Leaves that are wilted lose their shape and look lifeless. This is caused by water loss and drought is often the reason behind wilted leaves. You can remedy this by relocating the plant to an area with less sunlight or increasing the watering.

These are just three of the most common tree problems. At Big Trees, we are fully trained on all types of diseases and issues trees can have, and we know exactly how to remedy them. Just contact us today at (866) 313-2333 and we’ll take a look at your tree to give you the best recommendation.

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