By Brad Kristiansen, DC

I first started working with a woman with Nutrition Response Testing®. One visit, her 3-year-old daughter came along. The daughter had this gorgeous, long red hair. Some time later the mom came in and said, “My daughter’s hair is coming out in clumps.”

The mother was understandably panicky because her young daughter was losing her hair. Her scalp showed many bare spots and the hair on her head was very thin and scraggly. This little girl was upset by it and cried when she talked about it. Hair loss like this used to be extremely unusual, but because of the toxic environment we live in these days, it’s not as unusual as it used to be.

When I analyzed the little girl’s body using Nutrition Response Testing, we found a digestive problem due to sugars and starches and an immune challenge. Unfortunately the food sensitivity I found was exacerbating the immune weakness, and was one of this young girl’s favorite food items.

I also found that her weakened immune system affected her scalp and was making her hair fall out! I had previously found the same situation happening with several adults, but she was the first child. For some reason, this problem occurred more in women than men.

I recommended to the mother to stop feeding the little girl so much sugar and starchy foods. I wanted to work up to her favorite food item last. I recommended a couple of nutritional supplement products that helped the body deal with that particular immune challenge. One thing I found interesting was when I told this 3-year-old girl what was happening to her hair, she was totally willing to amend her diet and take the supplements.

On the mom and daughter’s first follow up visit, the young girl came in all beaming because she had taken her supplements and even stopped her favorite food item!  More importantly to her, her hair had stopped falling out. When she told me that, she actually gave me a hug. Best “payday” I’ve had!

Within about 3 months of being on a Nutrition Response Testing program, her beautiful red hair was fully back and her scalp wasn’t showing through anywhere! Her mother even indicated that her hair was actually thicker at this point than it had been before it started falling out. (PS – I got another hug!!!)

Another successful application of the basic Nutrition Response Testing procedures that I learned in the 3-day Nutrition Response Testing Workshop!!!  Thank you, Dr. Ulan, for inventing and developing this procedure!

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