LOS ANGELES, CA: Atkinson-Baker Court Reporters (https://www.depo.com/), a court reporting firm, is currently offering electronic exhibits for depositions. This service allows for easier handling of exhibits, particularly for web conferencing and remote deposition services.

The electronic exhibit service utilizes computer applications to eliminate the need for hard copy documents. With the use of this technology, only a laptop or tablet need be transported, instead of boxes of paper. Documents can be uploaded beforehand, and the court reporter provides a device on which the witness views the documents. The questioning attorney controls when documents will appear for the witness to view. Once it is determined to mark an exhibit, an electronic exhibit stamp can be placed on the document.

Ms. Sheila Atkinson-Baker, president of Atkinson-Baker, stated, “Our team who oversees web conference and videoconference depositions has seen firsthand how valuable electronic exhibits can be and how they simplify the deposition process. The majority of documents that today’s attorneys receive and work with are already electronic in format. Quite frequently, these electronic documents are printed and distributed in hard copy format. Upon deposition completion, the paper exhibits are collected and scanned back into electronic format. This is a roundabout way of handling exhibits and an immense amount of extra work in a case with hundreds of documents. Additionally, personnel inefficiency, paper and ink costs and shipping translate into unneeded expense. Use of this technology circumvents this extra work and expense.”

Atkinson-Baker’s headquarters are located in Glendale, CA, with 17 branch offices around the country. Ms. Sheila Atkinson-Baker has been a professional court reporter for over 35 years, five of which she served as a court reporter in the federal district court. In 1992 and 1993, the company made the prestigious Inc. 500 list of the 500 fastest growing companies in the US. They have also been listed four times in the annual Inc. 5,000 list of the fastest-growing privately held companies in the United States.

You can visit the company’s main website at https://www.depo.com/. Their blog can be seen at http://www.depositionreporters.com/, and a few of their branch websites include http://www.atkinsonbakerhouston.com, http://www.atkinsonbakerphiladelphia.com, and http://atkinsonbakerorangecounty.com. They can be reached at 800-288-3376.