I’m Dr. Brian Walsh, a chiropractor in West Melbourne, Florida. I’ve been in practice fifteen years, and I’ve been doing Nutrition Response Testing for ten of those years.

Nutrition Response Testing gave me the right tools to integrate nutrition into my chiropractic practice. The majority of the chronic cases that were not resolving—that kept coming back with the same problem—turned around with Nutrition Response Testing.

Well, the picture from 50-60 years ago to now has changed so dramatically with the quality of our food, with the toxins in our environment, that your average person cannot even hold an adjustment very well without some assistance. Once you get them on a Nutrition Response Testing program they start holding their adjustments, they’re happier, they refer others for general wellness in addition to chiropractic.

By incorporating Nutrition Response Testing, you actually broaden your audience. Instead of just, “Oh, well you’re just a chiropractor, you do chiropractic therapy,” people start looking at you as a wellness doctor. And that becomes another platform. So we can introduce people to non-invasive nutrition therapy, so that they don’t have to go down that road of medicine or surgery or those other items.

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