Aero And Marine Tax Professionals Secure Tax Exemption Despite Unfavorable Initial Ruling

SACRAMENTO, CA: In a surprising turn of events, Aero & Marine Tax Professionals ( represented a client in a case originally ruled by the California Board of Equalization as requiring the payment of an airplane tax of over $100,000, but Aero & Marine Tax Professionals was able to get the ruling overturned. The medi-flight client company qualified for the full exemption in the amended ruling.

An executive stated “We were working with the California Board of Equalization on an aircraft sale, and we were having difficulty. I told the owner to get ahold of Tom Alston. So he finally got in touch with Aero & Marine Tax Professionals, and they started directing traffic. We were a stranger in a strange land, and when you’re in that position, it’s a good thing to know someone that can do a much better job of things than you can.

“On this aircraft transaction, we didn’t come to Aero & Marine Tax Professionals until after the fact. At that point in time, there was an assessment of over $100,000. Then we had to get them involved to un-ring a bell that had already been rung and the train had left the station. Even in that circumstance Aero & Marine Tax Professionals got it turned around. To me, that is meaningful. To resurrect something out of that is very, very unusual. I would definitely recommend them to others, and in fact I just did with a friend of mine.”

Tom Alston, CEO of the company, was also available for comment: “This was an unusual case. It is not every day we get a case that has actually been closed against the client. But I was pleased with how it went. We had to approach it differently but we still made it. We look forward to working with them again, as we have in the past.”

Aero & Marine Tax Professionals shows purchasers how to avoid sales tax, specifically how to avoid aircraft tax and vessel tax in California and to make certain the full value of their next aircraft, vehicle or vessel goes into their pocket–not the government’s. They have successfully filed hundreds of tax returns with the California State Board of Equalization. Mr. Alston has also published many articles on sales and use tax. Their blog can be seen at