Website Founder Stresses the Need for Patients to Communicate in Order to Recover

Los Angeles – HopeCell (, a free informational guide on stem cell therapy, was established as a connecting point for stem cell patients to increase that vital human factor in patient recovery: communication. Through, stem cell patients and prospects can connect up with each other and share their experiences, encouragement and hope.

Cass, co-founder of and a kidney stem cell treatment success herself, says that for her, when she was on kidney dialysis, what she needed was hope. That hope was provided when a friend shared her own experience with stem cell therapy and the results she had gotten. This spurred Cass’s personal research and inquiries on the subject, ultimately culminating in her visit to a stem cell clinic and the restored functioning of her kidneys.

“The key was communication—if that friend hadn’t shared her story, I might never have heard of the potentials of this treatment and would have had few choices besides ongoing dialysis or a kidney transplant,” Cass explains. “That’s how I want to help other patients, and that’s why I co-founded There is enormous potential in stem cell research and I want that to be communicated.”

In alignment with that, has pages of facts on stem cells research and therapy, including a full glossary of technical words explained in layman’s terms, and a brief history of stem cells. Besides learning and getting in touch, potential stem cell patients can also be assisted to find suitable clinics for the treatments they need and want.

“I’m not a doctor, I can’t give you medical advice, but I’m happy to suggest ways to do your own research,” says Cass. “Above all, I’m happy to listen, answer your questions, share the details of my story and encourage you to find out for yourself what might be best for you. I wish you well on your journey to discovering better health!”

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