Major DIY Home Construction Projects May Cost More In Long Run Warns Julian Construction

LOS ANGELES, CA: Julian Construction Inc. (, a foundation construction, foundation repair and general construction company located in Los Angeles and servicing Southern California, recently issued a statement advising homeowners of the pros and cons of engaging in advanced DIY (Do-It-Yourself) home construction projects.

Julian de La Torre, founder of the company, stated: “Working in this field, I have seen when homeowners tried to start a major home construction project on their own and work through it with whatever experience they had. Sometimes it’s fine, fixing a fence or something small like that is usually no difficulty. But the bigger projects can get into way more difficulty than most people realize at first. This is especially true of projects related to a home foundation. First of all you have to get all the materials and this may take a while and a lot of research. But the hardest part is when a homeowner makes a mistake and damage is caused to the structure. Then it gets involved and much more complicated, as the damage has to be repaired before any further progress can be made on the home.”

He further commented: “We highly recommend seeking the advice of a professional contracting company. We here at Julian Construction can do architectural planning, permits for new projects to a home and general construction, as well as our specialty, foundation repair, replacement, and earthquake retrofitting. A homeowner that seeks the help of an organization with such accreditation, by our observation, will have a much easier project of home improvement or renovation.”

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