BARTONSVILLE, PA – Dentist Gary Burkhart (, in Bartonsville is urging people to get dental care regularly, and listing out numerous reasons showing the various benefits of regular dental care.

Everyone is busy these days. Whether it’s due to apprehension or a busy schedule, it’s easy to just consider canceling that 6 month dental checkup visit. Because it won’t really matter, right? However, the folks at Gary Burkhart Dentistry point out that there are 3 extremely vital reasons to keep those six month dental appointments.

1. Gum Disease
Tartar and plaque buildup can cause tooth decay and also erode your gum tissues. This buildup creates infections at the point where the gum is touching your tooth, which then causes the gums to pull away from teeth. It is vital to have regular oral checkups in order to catch this disease and to stop it from causing more damage to your gums.

2. Detection of Oral Cancer
There are several serious diseases like oral cancer that can manifest themselves in different ways. Without early detection this disease can progress quickly and become life threatening. It is easy to treat with the right dentist care and knowledge. Having a highly trained professional give you an oral checkup for early warning signs is the safest and most hygienic way to protect your teeth.

3. Cavities
While we know that daily brushing and flossing are vital and we can do this ourselves, there are some parts of our mouth that are difficult for us to reach. This is where visiting your dentist for a 6-month checkup comes in handy. In order to prevent cavities, which will result in having a filling in your mouth for the rest of your life, it’s easier, smarter, and less costly to have regular six month dental visits.

Dr. Gary Burkhart stated “Gum disease is the single biggest reason patients lose their teeth, and it’s painless while it’s happening, so you don’t notice it until it is too late! Dentists are not just concerned with fixing your teeth, but also with maintaining your overall oral health with your six month dental visits. We want to ensure that you do not end up needing severe dental procedures like implants or dentures, later in life, by regular oral checkups now. Any difficulty in rearranging your schedule now could save you quite a bit of money, pain, and your future health in the long run.”

Dr. Gary Burkhart graduated from Temple University in Philadelphia in 1983 and from Temple University Dental School in 1988. He began practicing dentistry in 1988, and opened his own dental practice in Tannersville, PA in 1989, and moved his practice to its current location in Bartonsville, PA in April 2000. Dr. Burkhart can be reached via his websites at, or, or, or by calling 570-620-0440.