By Niko Papaheraklis

It’s a fairly universal desire of homeowners to want more space in their home. A great way to economically add more space to a home today is to add an enclosed porch or sunroom. You can fill your home with more natural light, and add the space you and your family want-with an easy sun room addition.

For less money than you would expect, you can add more pleasure and enjoyment to your home. A sun room addition can bring the serenity of nature into your home, rain or shine.

Often homeowners who add a sun room say that the addition then becomes their favorite room in the house. Sun rooms can bring relaxation and sophistication into your home and your lifestyle. These room additions can be used for a variety of purposes, such as a beautiful garden room filled with plants, a place with your favorite stuffed chairs, as a game room to gather with friends around a pool table or a bar, as an entertainment or game room that can bring the whole family together, or as a quiet place for your home office or for creative work.

A unique custom designed sun room can allow you to take outdoor entertaining to a new level, will enhance your home’s exterior appearance, expand your usable living space, and add value to your home. And unlike traditional “brick and mortar” room additions, a sun room addition can be built more quickly and with less disruption to your life and home. A sun room addition can be ready to use and enjoy within a few weeks-not months!

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