Beverly Hills, CA.: May 2012 With spring in bloom many gardeners are on the hunt for gardening tips and tricks. Many of these gardening tips focus on the plants, how to nurture them, protect them, and keep them healthy and looking beautiful – but what about you the gardener? Where are the gardening tips focused on you, on how to keep your skin protected, healthy, and looking beautiful?

Many of us are unaware of the damaging toll gardening can take on our skin. How the exposure to chemicals in pesticides and fertilizers cause dry cracked skin, or how certain plants can cause irritation and allergic rashes. There is also the fact that long days spent in your garden can cause sun damage and premature aging.

While gardening, your skin can come into contact with harsh pesticides, fertilizers, and other chemical compounds. These things damage your skin’s natural barrier, breaking it down and preventing it from doing it’s job, keeping the “good stuff in” and the bad stuff out. The “good stuff” is your skin’s natural oils which helps keep your skin supple and smooth. The bad stuff is toxins and irritants that can damage your skin, causing dry skin and even skin allergies. What dermatologists recommend is some kind of shielding lotion that prevents the bad stuff – toxins and irritants – from getting into your skin and causing unnecessary skin damage.

Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion is a new type of shielding lotion that should be on every gardeners shopping list. Skin MD Natural works as an invisible shield of protection against skin damaging irritants by strengthen the skin’s barrier. Skin MD Natural is also available with the added benefit of sunscreen to protect against sun damage that can lead to premature aging and skin cancer.

Rebecca is a stay at home wife. She explains why she uses Skin MD Natural: “Working in the garden can really wreak havoc my skin. Cleaning chemicals, dirt, fertilizers, dusting; all these things can really dry out your skin. Skin MD Natural works to shield your skin from harmful everyday conditions while helping your body restore it’s natural moisture from underneath. ”

Another major skin concern that gardeners face is skin irritation from exposure to certain plants such as poison oak or poison ivy. The oils from these plants cause an allergic reaction resulting in an uncomfortable itchy rash. There are a wealth of gardening tips out there about how to protect against exposure to these plants but none of them are as simple and affective as applying Skin MD Natural before gardening.

Neil Renton, a Health Safety and Environmental Assistant, explains why he has his workers use shielding lotion to protect their skin: “In north Texas, our guys work in brush and vegetation. We were taking the guys in to the doc frequently for rashes and skin problems that turned out to be poison ivy and oak. Then we learned about shielding lotions, so I ordered a case and started handing it out to the guys in the field. So far this year, we’ve not had any cases of poison ivy or oak, and shielding lotions have really helped reduce our medical expenses and doctor visits.”

Besides using Skin MD Natural as a part of your daily gardening regimen, you should follow these additional gardening tips to further protect the health of your skin:

1. Always apply a sunscreen even on overcast days.

2. Wear a large brimmed hat.

3. Use natural organic fertilizers.

4. Avoid chemical based pesticides.