New Website Launched to Enlighten Patients and Guide them to Health

Los Angeles – HeartCell (, a free informational resource guide for heart stem cell therapy, has just been launched to enlighten patients on the treatments available for such heart conditions as congestive heart failure and coronary artery disease. In cases where the usual procedures of bypass surgery and stents (tubular supports) have failed to make a marked difference, fully successful treatment may still be possible using stem cells, and will help patients learn all they need to choose a qualified stem cell clinic.

A stem cell is the basic building block of the human body. Stem cells were originally what grew your heart before you were born (and all your other body tissue), and stem cells capable of growing new heart tissue reside in all of us. provides pages of information about stem cell therapy to enlighten patients and guide them toward solutions for their heart conditions.

“It is important to understand that stem cell treatment is not new,” says Cass, a stem cell treatment recipient and co-founder of “Stem cells have been used to treat patients for decades by hospitals in the U.S. and around the world. Bone marrow transplants began over 50 years ago, succeeding in treating such conditions as leukemia by transplanting the blood-creating stem cells located in bone marrow. The enormous amount of research and clinical trials conducted in the past, and those that continue today, are paying off in real-life applications being used to help patients around the world.”

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