brick foundation repair

Brick foundations are very common in Los Angeles.

However, properties that were built before 1910 with a brick foundation, might not have the necessary structural reinforcement needed to survive an earthquake.

Brick foundations that have been constructed without reinforced steel are identified as “unreinforced masonry,” and typically require foundation replacement.

It’s important to identify and remedy any signs of foundation problems early on.

brick foundation replacement los angeles

On the exterior if you’ve noticed any cracks, missing bricks or grout that’s turning to powder, it’s important to get your foundation inspected by a professional foundation contractor.

And on the interior, if you have any doors or windows that stick, your floors slope or are uneven, have hairline fractures in your tile or walls, these could all be signs that your brick foundation is failing.

There are a few repair methods a foundation company can use to fix structural issues with your brick foundation.

First, a foundation specialist will do a detailed assessment of your structure. From there, they’ll suggest which repair option will be the best correction method to fix your foundation.

Most likely, you contractor will recommend installing a sister foundation or doing a completely new foundation.

Like most structures, brick foundations will wear out over time. Wet soil, seismic activity and deterioration of the mortar that holds the bricks together, can all lead to degradation and damage to your foundation.

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