HopeCell.org Applauds Countries Where Stem Cells Treatment is Legal and Expresses a Wish for Further Expansion of Safe Stem Cell Treatments

Los Angeles – HopeCell (http://www.hopecell.org), a connecting point and free informational guide for stem cell patients, has named several countries where the governments or health boards have given official sanction to stem cells treatments demonstrated to be safe. These countries include the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, Jordan, Panama, Japan, Argentina, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand. (Note: This list is not intended to be comprehensive.)

Application of stem cell treatment procedures where legal is generally restricted to those who have exhausted all other possibilities and would otherwise be “no-option” patients. However, as Cass, the co-founder of HopeCell.org, put it: “The length of this list stands as a signal of the forward progress being accomplished in making safe stem cell treatments available to patients—and so bringing hope to many patients currently without it.”

Adult stem cell therapy (not to be confused with the so far result-barren field of embryonic stem cell research) is the use of stem cells, usually extracted from the patient’s own body, to assist his body in repairing damaged tissue. As stem cells are what originally generated all cell types in the body during its growth, they are also capable of repairing or replacing damaged tissue.

“Originally the use of stem cells was limited to bone marrow transplants, to infuse the blood-creating stem cells contained in bone marrow to patients with blood-related diseases such as leukemia,” explains Cass. “However, there has been much new stem cell research since then, and now there are other tested applications, such as for heart conditions and kidney conditions. The enormous amount of research and clinical trials conducted in the past, and those that continue today, are paying off in real-life applications being used to help patients around the world.”

To read more about stem cell research history, visit http://www.hopecell.org/what-stem-cell/history-stem-cells/ For links for further research of your own and for more information about successes occurring through stem cell therapy, visit http://www.hopecell.org/further-research/ To contact Cass at HopeCell.org with any questions or to share your own story, visit http://www.hopecell.org/