Adding a tree to your landscape adds beauty to your yard and your neighborhood. It helps the local climate by countering CO2 emissions. It enriches the neighborhood by providing a calmer landscape, providing more shade and protection for pedestrians. And research has even suggested that it reduces traffic speeds in neighborhoods, with fewer instances of road rage in greener areas.

Now there’s one other point which not everyone considers: planting a tree can actually increase the property value of your home!

Per one study, good tree cover in an area increased property values by 7%, and another study found this could go as high as 15% depending on the area.

Another study found that a large tree in the front yard of a home could boost the property value of a home by as much as $7,000.

Another indicated that there could be an increase of as much as $15,000 to $25,000 of the property value of a home if there are trees in the front yard or by the street.

In a study on the effect of privacy screen trees planted around a yard, it was found that this could increase the value of a medium-sized property up to 7% or a larger property up to 11%.

We know that trees add aesthetic beauty to a landscape and have other benefits, and this is most likely the reason why it adds property value. A tree will grow with the years and become a better and better addition to a yard. A privacy screen of trees can be an added benefit and selling point to a home, as it adds privacy to the yard.

There are also some factors you need to look out for. Planting a tree too close to a home can be a problem, for instance if the roots will grow into the foundation and cause damage. Also a tree that in any way poses a security hazard will have to be handled not only for the safety of all concerned but also for the property value. Damaged trees can decrease this advantage to property value, so it’s important to make sure the trees are well cared for.

But if a homeowner does their research well, or consults a tree transportation specialist, and finds the right trees for their yard that will really enhance their yard, it can be of great benefit not only to them but the whole neighborhood as well.

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