Julian Construction Inc Advises Homeowners to Get Educated on the Use of Retaining Walls

LOS ANGELES, CA: Julian Construction Inc., (http://julianconstruction.com/) a construction company servicing the Greater LA Area, has advised the public on the needs of retaining wall construction to stop soil erosion and prevent foundation damage.

A retaining wall is a stabilizing structure built to stop erosion and the downward movement of soil on a slope. To raise awareness on this process, in the interest of preventing foundation damage in homes, Julian Construction presented an article to homeowners giving the reasons why a retaining wall may be needed, and listing some of the different kinds that would be used for different home situations. The full text of the article can be found here: http://julianconstruction.typepad.com/julian-construction-blog/2013/02/buildi…

Shawn Kyles of Julian Construction stated that a retaining wall is commonly built to stop soil movement on a hillside, to create more utilizable space in a yard, and to prevent soil movement from weakening a foundation. There are four kinds of retaining walls: gravity retaining walls, which depend on their own significant weight to keep soil from moving; anchored walls, which are restraining walls constructed using cables (usually extremely strong steel) that are anchored into the soil or rock behind the wall; cantilever walls, which are used to hold back a large amount of soil; sheet piling walls, which can be made from wood, vinyl or steel planks, and are used in places where the space is tight and the soil is soft. The company stressed that a homeowner should consult a specialist to determine which type of retaining wall is needed for a specific situation.

The company urged homeowners to get an inspection from a knowledgeable contractor to find out if a retaining wall is needed and what kind would best suit the situation. “Building a retaining wall”, stated Julian Construction founder Julian De La Torre, “will ensure peace of mind for you and your family, because you know that the soil around your home will be stable, and this will prevent it from causing any problem with your foundation. Foundation repair costs can sometimes be avoided with a retaining wall.”

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