Aero & Marine Tax Professionals Assists California Insurance Company in Obtaining Sales Tax Exemption on Plane

SACRAMENTO, CA: Aero & Marine Tax Professionals, ( a firm in Northern California specializing in helping people avoid sales tax on the purchase of aircraft, has assisted an insurance company in California to legally support a claim for a tax exemption on the purchase of a Beechcraft A36TC aircraft.

An executive from the company, Rick Martin, stated “I’d wanted to use a plane like this to get in closer contact with clients that are further away, rather than by phone. This way I can see them in person, often.

I’m a pilot, and I think there are significant financial advantages to flying yourself over commercial. The time savings is very substantial. It’s convenient, I can fly direct to the airport that’s nearest the client, rather than having to go to a hub and connect. The clients are scattered around, they aren’t always near an international airport. This makes it possible to get right there, and back quickly.

“Aero & Marine Tax Professionals clarified the process for me in simple terms. They told me exactly what was necessary, and what I would be required to do. They promised to guide me through the process, which they did, every step of the way. It was easy to deliver the information requested. Price-wise it was very fair. I couldn’t ask for any better. I would absolutely recommend Aero & Marine Tax Professionals to others. They are the hero of the day,” concluded Martin.

Tom Alston, founder of Aero & Marine Tax Professionals, stated “With testimonies like this I don’t think I need to say any more. This is what our company does, and we have a 100% success rate with clients who apply what we say to do.”

Aero & Marine Tax Professionals shows purchasers how to avoid sales tax, specifically how to avoid aircraft tax and vessel tax in California and to make certain the full value of their next aircraft, vehicle or vessel goes into their pocket–not the government’s. They have successfully filed hundreds of tax returns with the California State Board of Equalization. Mr. Alston has also published many articles on sales and use tax. Their blog can be seen at