Aero & Marine Tax Professionals Helps Company Secure Tax Exemption on Purchase of Cessna Citation CJIV

SACRAMENTO, CA: Aero & Marine Tax Professionals (, has obtained a sales and use tax exemption from the California Board of Equalization for their client, an international real estate firm, on the purchase of a 2010 Cessna Citation CJIV jet.

An executive from the company stated: “The plane gets you where you want to be faster. To get to one of our locations you’d have to take 4 commercial flights to get there. It’s an all-day trip, each way. I’ve done it. To have our own plane, it cuts the flight time in about half. I would recommend Aero & Marine Tax Professionals to others. They didn’t drop any big surprises on me at the end, and they were very organized at letting me know what they needed from me. If there was something I missed, they were very good at following up with me so that I did get it to them. They were great and very easy to work with.”

Aero & Marine Tax Professionals is a pre-eminent tax firm specializing in aircraft and vessel purchases. The company helps individuals and corporations avoid paying California sales and use taxes when buying an airplane or vessel. Their unique knowledge and expertise has resulted in regular referrals from attorneys and accountants throughout the nation.

Aero & Marine Tax Professionals CEO, Tom Alston, was available for comment: “The driving purpose of our company has been and continues to be the legal avoidance and reduction of people’s tax burden. I don’t think enough people realize that it is completely legal to consult a tax specialist to minimize their taxes. Call the professionals; after all we’ve won every case.”

Aero & Marine Tax Professionals shows purchasers how to avoid sales tax, specifically how to avoid aircraft tax and vessel tax in California and to make certain the full value of their next aircraft, vehicle or vessel goes into their pocket–not the government’s. They have successfully filed hundreds of tax returns with the California State Board of Equalization. Mr. Alston has also published many articles on sales and use tax. His blog, which contains many articles related to purchasing of aircraft and vessels, can be seen at