Financial Strategist Gives Tips on Handling Being Sued by a Creditor

LOS ANGELES, CA: Jerri Simpson, AKA “The Debt Lady” (, has released a list of advice on what to do when a person is sued by a creditor.

Ms. Simpson stated:

“If you got served with a summons and complaint the first thing to do is, DON’T PANIC!   A summons means, COME to court, and a complaint means, this is why I am suing you!  I know those are pretty simple terms, but sometimes legal papers can be scary!  Why you ask, well let me tell you, it’s because attorneys use big words that people don’t understand to intimidate them!”
There are 2 different types of law suits that you should be aware of, the first is you owe it and it’s legitimate and the second is somebody is trying to get money out of you and are grasping at straws to take advantage of you.  You have to realize that anybody and sue anybody for anything at any time.  Your dog could poop in your neighbor’s yard can he could sue you for it, believe it or not, it’s the American WAY!!!!”
“The first thing is to confirm that the amount of money that’s owing is accurate.  Sometimes companies will accelerate the amount owed on a law suit and if they do get the judgment against you, they can collect even more money.  Keep in mind that a judgment means that somebody decided on something, and that’s the extent of it.”

“If you’ve determined that you owe the money, then call the law firm and try to work out a payment arrangement or settlement if you have the money to offer a lump sum.  Start out low, like 20 cents on the dollar to start, then move up from there and make sure you can pay the money if you have it.  If not then try to work out a payment arrangement.  If none of these things work, or the law firm just wont work with you, then prepare to go to court!  Now don’t Freak out!”

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