Financial Strategist Re-Examines The American Dream And Where It Is Going

LOS ANGELES, CA: Jerri Simpson, AKA “The Debt Lady” (, has written book on financial stress, solvency and The American Dream: “Paper or Plastic: A Guide To Financial Health And Prosperity.” The book was written and published in Los Angeles where she works as a financial consultant. It is now available on the market at This is the first book by Ms. Simpson.

The book examines the ideal that’s been known as the American Dream for what it really is, and then advises the reader on how they can achieve it for themselves and have real financial health and prosperity. Readers have received the book enthusiastically thus far, and the book has only been out for two weeks.

Ms. Simpson stated “This book is a gem because it gives you basics and fundamentals to better handle your finances and your life. It gives you useful tools that you can use to help you achieve your dreams and goals, and ultimately improve your quality of life. There will be exercises and things to do, so warm up by doing a couple jumping jacks, and touch your toes three times so that your back doesn’t go out. Money is a problem to most people, don’t you agree? I thought so. This book teaches you how to take the problem out of money so that you can make more money and reach for your dreams in the process. Would you like that? Great! Come with me on this journey; you won’t regret it.”

Jerri Simpson, “The Debt Lady”, has over 30 years experience in the financial industry, from starting with hands on experience at a bill collection agency to opening her own debt settlement company with over 2,500 clients throughout the US. She sees clients every day, helping them solve their financial problems, manage debt and work with the ever-changing lending industry. “Paper or Plastic: A Guide To Financial Health And Prosperity” is her first book, teaching financial management solutions to the average consumer. Her articles on finance can be viewed here:

The book “Paper or Plastic: A Guide To Financial Health And Prosperity” can be found on Amazon here: