LOS ANGELES, CA: Julian Construction (http://www.julianconstruction.com), a foundation repair and construction company in Los Angeles, shares some of the more common causes of foundation problems.

Foundation problems and foundation damage can be caused by many things ranging from natural disasters to improperly conducted remodeling or construction. All foundation problems can be traced back to one or more causes. Here are a few of the more common ones:

Earthquake: During an earthquake, your home’s foundation moves along with the ground. If you experience an earthquake, check your foundation for cracks in the slab, blocks, and brickwork. Earthquakes will often magnify pre-existing cracks in your foundation.

Drought: When the moisture is removed from the soil, it shrinks (like a sponge) and will pull away from your foundation. When the soil pulls away, it creates a gap which allows for foundation movement. If your foundation isn’t supported properly then it will shift into the space and cracks will start to appear.

Flooding or Plumbing Leaks: Flooding, plumbing leaks, inadequate drainage, or poor grading can all cause house settling. When soil is wet, it expands, pushing against your foundation. When the pressure becomes too much for your foundation, you may start to notice cracks, leaks, and bowed walls.

Poor Drainage: Clogged gutters, improperly positioned downspouts, landscaping too close to the foundation… These can all create situations of poor drainage, external pressure, or expansive soil, and cause foundation damage.

Poor Construction: If the ground under your home was not properly prepared before the foundation was laid it could be at risk.

Large Trees Next To Your Home: A large tree growing too close to your home’s foundation could be causing foundation problems. If the tree is close enough, the roots can push against the foundation and disrupt it. If the roots get under the foundation, they can cause a moisture discrepancy and cause shifting or settling.

If you have any of the above issues or suspect that you have foundation damage, you should call a professional and get a foundation inspection to determine the extent and cause of your foundation issues.

Julian De La Torre, founder and owner of Julian Construction, stated: “Keeping your home’s foundation in good repair is so important, it’s the first thing we look at when we go to a home with structural problems. And maintaining the foundation will prevent more serious problems from occurring in the future. Always get your home inspected on a regular basis. It’s important for the safety of your home.”

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