Construction Company Highlights Indicators For And Remedies Of Foundation Settlement

LOS ANGELES, CA: Julian Construction Inc., ( a foundation construction and repair company in the Greater LA Area, recently sent out a warning to homeowners advising on the settling of a house foundation, and the effects it can have on a home. Foundation settlement is caused by weather conditions, soil issues, or moisture problems that then cause a foundation to settle.

The company urged homeowners contact a foundation contractor to receive a safety inspection of their home if foundation settlement is suspected, before foundation repairs are needed. The company also recommended a method that could be used to remedy foundation settlement. The company’s full report can be found here:

In order to prevent foundation settlement, the company recommends the use of piers, piles or caissons to strengthen a foundation. Piers are steel pipes driven into the soil and connected to the foundation. Piles are used to either absorb the weight of the structure or to block soil and water, and can be built using wood, concrete and composite materials. Caissons are a type of deep foundation used when soil conditions are extremely poor or the structure involved is large and heavy, and are built by drilling a large, subterranean shaft. According to the company, it takes a trained foundation inspection specialist to determine which of these three methods of foundation reinforcement must be used, and in what manner they must be installed.

Julian De La Torre, founder of Julian Construction, stated: “There are a number of things to watch for with house settling. Wall cracks, difficulties in opening and closing windows, and sloping floors are a number of common ones. If you notice these then you can suspect you are having foundation settlement problems, and you can find out what type of shoring or strengthening is needed by consulting a foundation repair expert. Once your home and foundation has been properly inspected by a seasoned professional, all of your options will be explained so that you can make the best decision possible regarding your home.”

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