By Sarah Outlaw, MH, MSACN

As a Nutrition Response Testing® practitioner I see a wide variety of patients with many different health issues.

A couple of years ago I had a little girl with autism who was super afraid to even walk into our office. She was 5 years old when she started with us.

Her mom brought her in because she (the mom) was holistically oriented. The daughter had some physical issues pertaining to autism and her mom was trying to figure out ways to get her to come out of her shell and be more outgoing. Her mom knew there were some issues because the daughter would hold her ears and cry. She would hear noises and voices that weren’t there. She wouldn’t eat anything but meat. She was always horribly constipated which was one of the major reasons her mom brought her in.

I had to do my Nutrition Response Testing analysis really fast to find out what was going on because she didn’t like to be touched. She would get extremely agitated and upset. Using Nutrition Response Testing Test Kits we found immune challenges and some other “stressors” that are commonly found in autistic kids. We cleared everything out of her system one by one over the next few months.

On the second visit she came into the office and said, “Hi Sarah!” and gave me the biggest hug. Her mom was amazed because she typically wouldn’t talk or touch anyone. Her mother said she definitely wouldn’t normally talk to someone she didn’t know, but she looked me in the eye and said, “Hi Sarah” and gave me a big hug!

This little girl would sit in the waiting area and watch the videos that I have playing of Dr. Ulan teaching Nutrition Response Testing. Her mom would have to practically drag her out of the office because she wanted to sit there and listen. Her mother asked her, “Why do you like to see Miss Sarah so much?” She said, “Because Miss Sarah gives me magic beans.” I thought it was very funny that all the supplements I gave her were magic beans according to her.

I tested her for a couple of weeks and over time she would actually take my hand, put it on her face and just leave it there. That is coming from a little girl with autism that didn’t like to be touched. She loved coming in and knew what we were doing was helping her. She would jump on the table and let me test her. She was happy about it and we got really good results with her!

She is 8 years old now and doing really well on her maintenance program. What a privilege it is to provide hope to families with the incredible work that we do with Nutrition Response Testing!

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