An Open Letter to all Professional Level and Advanced Clinical Training Graduates of Nutrition Response Testing®

From: Dr. Freddie Ulan, DC, CCN


Now that you have achieved a higher level of clinical mastery that places you miles ahead of anyone else in the health restoration field, it’s time to think about and plan how you will increase your penetration into your community so that you can be as effective as possible as a member of the UNS Army creating the new paradigm of safe, natural health care.

Just like there is the standardized technology of Nutrition Response Testing, there is actually a higher order of “Standard Technology” called “Standard Administration,” a subject that you have never been taught in any “formal education.” Is it any wonder why so many new businesses and practices go under in the first few years? Or why so many talented, educated and capable people like you cannot get their practices into a much higher gear, despite all you know about how to restore true health, using non-invasive, low cost, safe natural solutions?

Once you know how to assess and restore health to chronically ailing bodies, you would naturally think the public will beat a path to your doors. But what if they did? Would you have the administrative know-how to handle a large influx of patients without stress or losing any quality of care? And in such a way that your results are greatly improved due to higher levels of patient commitment, compliance, retention, results and referrals?

If you want to know what made me “different” in terms of reaching a high level of success in a very short time, the answer is very simple. I already KNEW the expanded basics of the Standard Technology of Administration, from years of earlier training and experience.

This is all that you are now missing. Because with this technology, I knew exactly how to set up my practice right from the start. This enabled me to go from zero to 60 office visits per week in my first year – on a very limited budget and only practicing part time, as I was still recovering from years of serious physical debilitation and I could only work a few hours a day. Despite that we grossed $175,000 in that first year while never even charging for an initial consultation to determine whether or not the patient could benefit from Nutrition Response Testing, and having a low fee all-cash practice for those we did accept.

But when I tell people about having not charged anyone for their initial consultation and Report of Findings for that first year, some immediately think THAT was the gimmick that drove the practice!

They couldn’t have been more wrong. It was my previously hard-won knowledge of how to organize the practices, what the essential “hats” or functions were which had been identified and assigned so they could be clearly worn by – at the time – me and my wife. And knowing these hats and functions, and how to organize them, we had a pattern established that enabled us to easily expand the practice as the demand for my services grew.

And it was not just my own practice that I was able to make flourish and prosper through this technology of administration. I was working with a long-time friend who was an extremely capable clinician, whose practice was nowhere near the level it should have been considering his knowledge, skills and abilities. What was he lacking? Only the organizational skills I had. So, I gradiently put this technology into his practice. We re-organized it, established each of the needed hats that needed to be worn and functioning well, and his practice, already established for about 10 years in that location, went into a higher condition. His statistics of active patients and income improved by well over 300%, it reduced his stress and increased his efficiency, and yes, also increased his “bottom line.”

Since then, I have helped many practitioners get trained in the standard technology of organization which is essential to real expansion that improves the quality of your life. This is why UNS was formed. Not just to deliver clinical expertise – but to get all of the administrative know-how so vital to getting the clinical technology implemented also into the hands of those who had attained or were on the Route to attaining true Clinical Mastery.

So, there are practices that never get off the ground due to lack of organizational or administrative know-how, despite great clinical capability. But I have also met more than a handful of doctors along the way who had experienced booms that literally exhausted them. Exhaustion is actually a symptom of lack of organizational skills. No amount of nutritional supplementation can take the place of administrative know-how. It was not lack of clinical know-how that brought them down. It was actually the lack of admin know-how while having all that clinical knowledge that made it impossible for them to maintain long term highly viable expansion.

And the same thing applies to you if your practice is not at a level which truly mirrors your clinical skills. Can you imagine what your practice would look like if your administrative skill actually mirrored your clinical skills and capability of restoring health to so many with what you know and have learned in Nutrition Response Testing?

We have all agreed that our highest common purpose is TO CHANGE THE PARADIGM!

I have learned the hard way that this requires an army of highly clinically competent health care providers (which you now are), who are just as well trained and competent in the standard technology of administration. Then you have all the tools you need – and the guidance in how to apply them – so that you can build the practice that will play a major role in changing the paradigm.

We have a world to win, and not all the time in the world to accomplish our purpose. The Big Pharma Symptom Care and Disease Maintenance System is failing, and they are desperately trying to hold it all together. But history is against them. And a huge and growing number of the public is waking up to their actual results – and they are, in greater and greater numbers than ever before, looking for YOU to provide those answers.

So, now that you KNOW how to get sick people well, using safe and natural solutions, you need to know:

  • How to organize your practice to deliver this technology most efficiently, using a pattern that makes it easy to expand as the demand for your services increases.
  • How to get those people who are searching for what ONLY YOU have to offer – who are looking for you as the source of true hope and help when everything else has failed them – and how to turn that demand into long-term zealous commitment that not only gets them well but gets them practically building your practice for you.
  • As a big part of this, you need to learn the previously unknown technology of “personnel”: how to find, hire, train and create a zealous team who are totally dedicated to ensuring your success in getting your clinical skills out there changing the health conditions of a constantly growing number of members of your community – and who can help you keep your stress level down in order to extend your life as the valuable provider you are.

Fortunately, attaining this knowledge and skill does not take anywhere as much time to learn as your clinical skills. And each step of the route to administrative mastery will give you skills you can immediately apply for the benefit of your practice, your patients and your own well-being and longevity. And practically all of it can be done through distance learning without ever leaving your home.

But this training is not an option or “something nice to do some day”! It is a vital necessity if you are to carry your weight as a member of the UNS Army who is counting on you to ensure we can change the paradigm, one patient at a time, in ever increasing numbers.

I look forward to seeing you at UNS’s periodic Symposiums where you will not only continue to update your clinical knowledge and skills, but share the wins of your expanding practice successes and the incredible amount of good you are bringing to your community.

With nothing but love, respect and admiration for what you have accomplished, and in awe of what you are about to accomplish, I remain,


Sincerely yours,

Freddie Ulan

Founder Ulan Nutritional Systems, Inc., and Nutrition Response Testing

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