Fall is underway and winter is fast approaching. Now that cooler weather has arrived, there is a new source for dry skin in indoor heating. Cold weather prompts the use of indoor heaters which take their toll on skin, causing it to become dry and itchy. Dry skin is a result of not having enough moisture in the stratum corneum (the outermost layer of skin) for it to function as it should. This can happen when protective oils in the stratum corneum are lost. These oils can be stripped away by environmental irritants such as water, wind or hot dry air and chemical irritants found in soaps, cosmetics, and antibacterial products.

21st Century Formulations has designed a natural skin care product, Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion (http://www.skinmdnatural.com), that addresses the causes of dry skin. Dr. Brian Zogg, a certified dermatologist in Albert Lea, Minnesota explains why he recommends Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion over other moisturizers to battle dry skin during winter, “When your skin gets dry and itchy in winter you know that the protective outer layer of skin has been stripped away. Artificial moisturizers in conventional creams and lotions can send a signal to the moisture producing parts of your skin that enough moisture is present. Your skin then makes less of the natural moisture needed to resolve a dry skin problem. With a shielding lotion you replace the outer layer and protect the natural oils and moisture in your skin, so it heals faster.”

Natural skin care products are becoming more and more popular these days and have many brands rushing to add natural ingredients to their product lines. 21st Century Formulations realized the importance of natural skin care early on and have been making their products with over 93 % natural ingredients since the introduction of Skin MD Natural. This has gained Skin MD Natural popularity with dermatologists and families. Staci Albright, a mom from Pennsylvania shares why Skin MD Natural is her natural skin care product of choice during colder winter months, “All winter long, I fight dry skin. Between chilly winds and heaters going full tilt, my skin is cracked and painful from November to March. I’ve tried tons of lotions, but have disliked most of them. With sensitive skin, many lotions either cause rashes or make my skin feel like its on fire.

“Between work and being a mom, I am constantly washing my hands, so they have become incredibly dry. However, after using Skin MD, I was able to see a noticeable difference. My skin not only felt smoother, it also felt moisturized. No more itchy, scratchy, scaly hands.

“One thing that really made me love Skin MD was the fact that it was not greasy at all. I hate lotions that make my hands feel slimy, and Skin MD did the exact opposite. It left my skin smooth and soft. Skin MD definitely carries through on its promise that it exceptionally enhances your skins hydrating and protective abilities, we love it!” 

To learn more about how Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion works and to read more testimonials visit the company website www.skinmdnatural.com.

Skin MD Natural is committed to providing high quality natural skin care products and dry skin lotion for dry skin care. Their product line was developed by a team of innovative chemists, with over twenty years of experience developing personal care products for many internationally respected cosmetic companies. Skin MD Natural is formulated with a special blend of five natural plant extracts that provide skin with unbeatable moisture while being light weight and non-greasy. Skin MD Natural is also committed to protecting the environment and is proud to say Skin MD Natural and Skin MD Natural + SPF 15 are manufactured in the United States using 100% solar power, free of animal products and animal testing. Their blog, containing regular skin care tips, can be found at http://blog.skinmdnatural.com/.