By Freddie Ulan, DC, CCN


All this talk about patient management reminds me of the old system of healthcare, the socialized insurance that they had a couple thousand years ago in China—ancient China. They had a wonderful, wonderful healthcare system in China. Each little village had its own doctor. And that doctor was supported by every member of that community as long as they were well. So, if you lived in that community, there was a certain tithe that you had to pay each season or each year. A certain amount of things you had to give, you know, that was decided by the board or whoever ran the place. It was like, “Okay, so you raise chickens? It’s going to be this many chickens….this many eggs that you need to pay to keep this doctor here….to keep this healer here.” You got sick, you no longer owed the chickens, you no longer owe the eggs.

Can you imagine if we got a law passed that set up that kind of system overnight in the United States? If you’re sick, you don’t pay. Now, in this country, of course, because we got all the socialists in the government they say, “Well, the government will pay.” No, we’re the government. The government gets all its money from us. We’re the government.

Can you imagine if we had a system like that? Well, a whole bunch of guys who are currently not producing any good at all would have to find another job. The good news is that whenever there’s been a big medical strike like in England…or a few years ago when Israel was under attack and they were in a big war, all the hospitals were busy handling the wounded and the general population never experienced such great health. Same thing happens in the United Kingdom. They go on this 3-month medical strike and all of a sudden the death rate is down, the infection rate is down, this rate is down, everything is down. Even though they publish these things and they’re aware of it, nobody says, “Oh, hold on a second….maybe we need another strike.”

The bottom line is: “Does your practice provide the income you need?” If it doesn’t, the answer is not, “How do I become a better salesman?” The answer is, “How do I deliver a better quality of service within a system that enables me to expand and expand and that gets the people I’m delivering to joining my team and helping me build my practice?”

Many of us build practices that we become the slave of. We create this job for ourselves and our staff, if we have staff, and then the next thing you know, we can’t leave because we’ve got to make sure our staff get paid. We can’t take a vacation. It’s the wrong way to, you know. It’s the opposite of the way things should go.

So, that’s just a quick analysis of your practice if you take a look at those points. If you are already helping volumes of people and it’s totally stress-free, totally enjoy it while making all the money you can ever imagine you need, then you don’t need any of the rest of this information.

But, I have a feeling based on what I know of most practitioners that you could all benefit from some degree to having at least a slight increase in the quality of the care you’re giving and if you do do that increase, it will result in an increase in your income. And again, I never work for the purpose of income. I always work for the purpose of, “How much health can I provide that I can get proper exchange for?”

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