Before I got into Nutrition Response Testing, I was mainly practicing chiropractic. I did dabble in nutrition, and I was always interested and excited about nutrition, but I didn’t quite know how to implement it in the patient visit. I just sort of threw it in during the patient visit—to the detriment of the practice, simply because it wasn’t efficient and I wasn’t getting paid for what I was doing.

When I took up Nutrition Response Testing, I started separating out the visits, and I was much more able to handle a lot of the subluxation issues that were occurring, because a lot of those, I’ve realized, are nutritionally based, and unless you handle the nutrition, you’re not going to be able to get that adjustment to hold. So, since separating my visits, my practice has actually quadrupled, and it’s only going to continue.

A patient came to me with low back pain, and I gave him an adjustment. He did well for a few days, then his chronic low back pain returned, so I gave him a few more visits. I decided, “This has to be a nutritional issue.” So I did a Nutrition Response Testing evaluation on him, and put him on supplements that were necessary to handle the weak areas. He came back the next visit and the problem was gone.

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