By Freddie Ulan, DC, CCN


In the beginning we don’t generally see someone until they have been sick or deteriorating for about ten, fifteen, twenty or thirty years. And it takes intensive work to get them back on track. But we can take care of practically anything that accumulates in six months, four months or three months.

Different people need different maintenance schedules, but my ideal scene is seeing somebody three or four times a year once I’ve got them well. They’re on a program in between and they have an agreement with me that if anything does not remain on an optimum track they will call or come in so that we can do a quick fix-up on them.

Helping them, in my viewpoint and I’m sure yours, is putting them back in control of their lives. Putting them back in control of their health so that they would never think of becoming a medical client. Except where medicine is most valuable.

You know, like removing a steering wheel from your chest. Removing a forty-five bullet from a muscle. You need a medical doctor for that. You don’t go to a chiropractor, or an acupuncturist, a massage therapist or a nutritionist when you have a steering wheel in your chest. You do go to one, if you’re smart, immediately after you get the steering wheel out of your chest and get the broken vessels and bones kind of reset by the medical doctor. Then you get the rest of the work done to remove the obstacles to your possible healing and give your body the capability of repairing itself.

Basically, we just want people to be getting well. By that I mean taking charge of their own life, so that’s what we work toward. That means our primary role is – guess what? Education. Because if we do nothing else, we need to teach these people enough so that they can become more, and more, and more in control of their life and health, so that they have judgment.

There are several levels that go into learning anything. The first level is duplicating something, just seeing it exactly the way it is. The second level is understanding it. In other words, the understanding comes after duplication. Once you understand something, then you’re capable of making judgment, being able to evaluate.

We want our patients to duplicate our intention and our purpose; to duplicate helpful lifestyle procedure and programs. We want them to understand it as a result of duplicating it. We want them in a position where they can evaluate what’s true and what’s not true in the area of health and healthcare so that they don’t get suckered into some TV commercial or PR campaign. You see all this false advertising, it’s absolutely horrendous and should be illegal. These are things we’re going to have to change.

So, helping people involves getting them back in control of their life.

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