Julian Construction Seeks To Raise Adherence To Industry Standards For Roofing

LOS ANGELES, CA: Julian Construction, (http://www.julianconstruction.com/), a construction and roofing contractor company working in the Southern California area, has brought to attention an important need for homeowners to get their roof flashing inspected. Roof flashing seals and protects the joints and places where the roof of a house intersects with other things, such as pipes, chimneys, vents, etc. The company indicates that it is an important point of home maintenance and safety, as improper flashing allows moisture to get into a home, potentially causing many problems.

Proper flashing deflects moisture from entering into a structure. But Shawn Kyles, Chief Safety Inspector of Julian Construction noted that improper installation or design can lead to actively directing water inside the structure, as opposed to outside. This could result in water entering walls and other parts of the structure, or even seeping into the structure’s foundation causing even further problems. In addition to the health risk of prolonged moisture entering a home, these structural concerns are such that homeowners should definitely take care of roof flashing. Inspection by a competent professional will determine if roof flashing is in need of repair in a home.

Mr. Kyles stated: “Having your roof regularly inspected by a professional contractor is an important part of the home maintenance process. When roof problems are detected early, not only will the repairs usually be less costly, it can help prevent other types of damage to your home. Flashing repair can be done very easily at any time of the year when overseen by a competent construction company.”

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