Natural Skin Care Product Manufacturer Launches “Home Party and Neighborhood Sellers” Program

Clearwater, FL—Sales R Us has announced a new home sales program for their popular line of UltraBalm natural skin lotion products ( The program is designed for sales by ordinary customers at home parties or around the neighborhood, and complements the successful UltraBalm Distributor program which is for professional salesmen selling at home or trade shows and events.

Participants will receive a kit with several variously-sized tubes and jars containing the lanolin skin care product UltraBalm, as well as some subsidiary products such as Ultra sunscreen. Also included to assist the home seller to get started are sales guides, promotion, customer order forms, sample invitations and so forth. Home sellers set their own schedule and sales volume, and reorder at wholesale prices whenever they need to.

“In the current economy, many people are looking for ways to earn extra income,” says Vicki Gailzaid, the founder of UltraBalm. “Meanwhile, people seeking good lotions for dry skin only need to be introduced to UltraBalm and they are ready to make a purchase. So this is a great new program: home sellers just show off our healthy skin cream, and let the quality of the products do the salesmanship. It’s a win-win situation.”

“My friends and family LOVE Ultra Balm,” says J. Wright, an UltraBalm customer who is now participating in the home seller program. “It feels great to share something that I love with others. They’re already asking when I’m going to have my next party!”

Asked if this program is primarily for salesmen or people with practice at making volume sales, Gailzaid gives an emphatic “no.” “This program is for absolutely any of our customers,” she asserts. “Anyone who has experienced the benefits of UltraBalm will want to share it with others, and the home sellers program makes it easy to do just that. With no minimum sales requirements, excellent profit margins and no need for pressure or hard sell, we’ve aimed to make it truly simple to earn income by sharing UltraBalm with your friends.”

For complete information regarding the home party and neighborhood sellers program, or to order the starter kit, visit or contact Sales R Us, Inc, at 727-447-3543.