Building Inspection Expert Examines The Causes And Effects Of Settlement Cracks

LOS ANGELES, CA: Julian Construction ( recently conducted an investigation into the effects of settlement cracks in a home, and what underlying effects may result. The complete report was issued by Shawn Kyles, building inspection specialist for Julian Construction. Mr Kyles has, in his career, inspected over 15,000 structures for building safety.

The report found that settlement cracks can be a serious and unsuspected issue in a home’s structural stability. One of the causes could be if a home was constructed on poorly compacted soil, causing sinking of the building. Another is the weight of the building causing the soil underneath it to compress. Another was found to be frequent or dramatic changes in the soil’s moisture, which could create more space for the foundation to drop further into the ground. Another is tree roots and foliage placed near a home absorbing too much water from the soil at the foundation. Another is simply a poorly constructed home or foundation resulting in excessive settlement.

Mr. Kyles also stated: “If soil settlement is uneven or extensive, a home foundation will become stressed and start to crack. Large cracks generally appear due to continuing motion that occurs over a long period of time. Foundation cracks will not only weaken the structure, they make it easier for water to enter the building. Water seepage can further damage the home, in addition to causing potentially serious health issues due to mold and mildew buildup.”

The full report as issued by Mr. Kyles can be found here:

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