By Nancy Penrose

Did you know that lawns improve air quality and generate oxygen? These are just a couple of reasons why we need to make sure our lawns stay healthy, and one of the best ways to keep grass healthy and vibrant is to fertilize it. We believe Fall is the best time to fertilize grass, and here’s why.

Summer heat is stressful on lawns – During the summer months, lawns go through a lot of stress with the heat and the cooler temperatures in the fall months are a great time for grass to regain its strength.

Morning Dew – The morning dew in the Fall delivers moisture to help the fertilizer be able to absorb better.

Stronger Roots – The grass gets a chance to build some stamina before the winter months and by giving the roots a chance to get stronger in the fall allows the grass to be healthier and greener in the spring.

When should you apply fertilizer in the fall?
The best time to fertilize your lawn in the fall is about three weeks before the ground freezes – usually mid-October or early November.

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