SAN PEDRO, CA: Silva Construction (, a construction and remodeling company in the South Bay area of Southern California, recently took time to answer some common questions about Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) The California construction company has been in the construction and remodeling business for over 40 years.

David Clarke, co-owner of Silva Construction, offered answers to some of the most common questions on the subject of ADUs:

What constitutes an Accessory Dwelling Unit?

An Accessory Dwelling Unit, commonly abbreviated as ADU, refers to a secondary residential unit situated on a single-family residential plot. The term “accessory dwelling unit” is widely used nationwide to delineate this particular housing arrangement. ADUs are characterized by their nature as housing units rather than conforming to a standard structural form.

Am I permitted to construct an ADU on my premises?

Since 2017, any property zoned as a single-family residence in California has been authorized to erect an ADU. Subsequently, various legislative measures have expanded the scope, allowing for ADU construction on specific multi-family zoned properties and within HOA-regulated communities.

What’s the Construction Timeline for an ADU?

Typically, the entire process of completing an ADU project spans approximately 6 to 12 months from inception to completion. This encompasses the design phase, permit acquisition, and construction period. The duration is largely influenced by the complexity of the ADU project, the regulatory framework in your municipality, and the proficiency of your design and construction teams.

What are the Size Limitations for ADUs?

In California, detached ADUs can have a maximum size of 1,200 square feet. Attached ADUs are limited to 50% of the square footage of the primary dwelling, up to 1,200 square feet. ADU regulations and local ordinances are subject to ongoing refinement. Therefore, thorough investigation is essential to ascertain the zoning regulations applicable to your property.

See photos of a recent ADU construction project completed by Silva Construction:

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