Developmental Editor Talks About Editing And Self Publishing In Recent Interview

DALLAS, TX: Susan Mary Malone (, developmental editor and published columnist and author, recently took a seat in the interview chair with Women On Writing (WOW), an international online magazine for women in the literary field. She was joined by fellow editor, proofreader and writer Karen S. Elliot, an editor in a wide variety of fields and author of many published short stories. The interview, covering self-publishing and the relationship of the writer and the editor, can be found here:

In the interview, Ms. Malone stated: “The very best substantive editors can not only pinpoint the problems in all areas but most importantly, be able to show you how to fix those shortfalls. No writer wants an editor to rewrite his or her book; that’s not an editor’s job. An editor’s job is to help a writer to fashion the very best book—to bring out the gem from under whatever is burying its shine. And it takes a very fine touch to be able to accomplish this, while maintaining the integrity of the writer’s own voice. That’s what makes for a great editor for your book.”

She also had some parting advice for writers: “Write, write, write, write, write. Read, read, read. Write some more. Again, this is a very difficult craft to learn. You have to write first and foremost, and then find a great editor to work with.”

Susan Mary Malone has worked as a freelance editor since 1993, with a BS in Political Science and minors in English and Journalism. Her client list includes NY Times Bestsellers, Essence Bestsellers and books featured in Publishers Weekly. She is also
an award-winning author of fiction and non-fiction herself. She participates as a speaker in literary conferences such as the Harriett Austin Writer’s Conference (at the University of Georgia), the Blue Ridge Writer’s Conference, the SouthWest Writer’s Conference, and the East Texas Writer’s Guild, among others. Her full biography and featured list of published authors can be viewed at