by Vicki Gailzaid

First what is “PH”? It means the “Power” or “Potential” of Hydrogen. The PH scale ranges from 0-14. A PH of 7 is considered neutral (water is neutral), anything over 7 is alkaline. The human body, in its most optimal state, would be alkaline inside but acid outside.
Now let’s talk about this thing called skin PH. What does this mean really?
The human skin, when in great condition, is between 4.5-6.0 on the PH scale. This means that healthy skin is slightly acidic. That is the acid mantel (skin covering). The acid mantel is a film that spreads over the surface of the skin which is sebum (oil), sweat (water), and amino acids, mainly, with other fatty acids. This acid mantel serves a vital purpose; a slightly acidic environment can fight off bacteria, fungus, and pollutants. The acid mantel can also be affected by hormonal changes, and stress causing a breakdown in the PH, but most breakdowns are caused by external factors. When a breakdown occurs in the PH the skin becomes alkaline.
When the skin becomes too alkaline, it can get very dry and irritated. It can no longer properly fight off bacteria which can lead to breakouts. (PH imbalance may be the chief factor in acne). Most cleansers, especially foaming types, are at least 8.0, and most soaps are from 9.0-11 PH. This is shocking!! These cleansers act as assaults on the skin and take 14 hours to normalize, and by that time, you have washed, bathed or showered again! What chance does your skin have to keep itself in good shape and recover with this daily assault? The answer is to keep your skin’s PH at the right levels, so that it can stay healthy, beautiful and soft.
There is nothing wrong with exfoliating your skin, but there is much wrong with harsh chemicals which disrupt your skins acid mantel.
Most people are under the mistaken impression that cleaning the skin with soap will help to alleviate their problem, and better the skin. This could not be further from the truth!

When a skin condition exists, such as eczema, psoriasis, or other breakout, the skin PH all over the body can be affected, and it may be found that the entire surface of the skin has become way too alkaline. It is very important to get this PH back into normal range (4.5-6.0) as quickly as possible.
It is shocking as well, to know that the US has far less PH balanced products on the shelves than other parts of the world, yet our education and technology is far superior. Even though the information on PH is fully known by all major US beauty companies and skincare professionals, the data is not broadly published. This is because most Skincare Products have a High PH, well above 7.0.

The reason for high PH Soaps, Detergents, and Skincare Products in general, is their low costs and ease of manufacture.

You need to always make sure you use skincare products that have effective ingredients and the proper PH level.
Look for products with lanolin that will act as an emollient moisturizer, filling-in the minute crevices of the skin to prevent cracking and shedding. With daily use wrinkles and lines can be diminished, creating a smooth and silky surface to the skin.
You want a product that will be an occlusive moisturizer, slowing down the evaporation of water from the surface of the skin by creating an invisible protective film. This allows the normal barrier function of the skin to be restored, making skin less sensitive and better able to hydrate properly. While this protective layer impedes the invasion of allergens and toxins, a deep penetrating protection keeps water sealed-in the deeper layers of skin and will stimulate the ability of the skin to retain moisture and to slow down the effects of aging.
It is important that your skin care cream have antioxidants like vitamins A, D and E, to repair and stabilize the skin cells for optimum vitality. These vitamins seek out and repair damaged skin cells and restore health to cells that have been damaged by the sun, pollutants in the environment and the body’s own aging process. Vitamin A Improves skin tone, elasticity and texture by smoothing the surface of the skin. Vitamin E heals damage to the skin from exposure to the sun and protects against roughness, loss of elasticity, brown spots and has an anti-inflammatory effect. 
Another key ingredient is aloe. Aloe has been known since ancient times for its healing properties, moisturizing and anti-aging results. Aloe is a deeply soothing and penetrating skin cream ingredient. Aloe carries its soothing and healing power into the deepest layers of the skin. The name of the game is moisturizing, and aloe helps to do that while also bringing an ancient healing touch.
There are so many skin care products on the market it can be costly and time consuming to go through trying to find the one that is best for a particular condition. But it’s worth it to find one with a balance of ingredients that will sooth a wide range of dry skin conditions.

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