By Freddie Ulan, DC, CCN

One of the things we as chiropractors did was, if you wanted to be successful, you never treated anybody on the first visit, ever. Out of all of the guys in my area treating patients on the first visit, even if they had been in practice ten or fifteen years, none of them were making more than $18,000. I did $25,000 in my first year of practice never treating anyone on the first visit. This was back in 1965 when a chiropractic adjustment was $4.00 or $5.00. (Additional $2.50 for a house call.)

It was very hard sometimes not to treat them on the first visit, because I’m very compassionate and I really love to help people. I can’t stand to see people suffering and in pain. But I followed the procedure that I was taught, and I had more respect and support from my patients because I was more professional in their view.

Now, we’re getting into this whole new field of nutritional therapy. Not band-aid nutrition. Not nutraceutical nutrition. Nutritional therapy. The definition of nutrition is that which gives the body the genuine replacement parts so that the body can actually repair itself. That’s what we’re doing, this is a whole new field. People need to actually know what their program is and know what it’s all about. You cannot push them onto programs and expect them to follow, unless you have a great powerful personality.

By the way, when I first started doing nutrition, on the power of my personality, I was able to treat people on their first visit and build up my practice quite well. I am a really good communicator. I learned how to deal with all kinds of situations, just being able to confront and be there comfortably and handle people. I could communicate and I can control things because I took training on how to control so that I can help others be more in control in their life.

I learned how to deal with suppression. I learned to identify the people who I shouldn’t be trying to help because they’re just out there to kill me. Have you ever had a patient like that? You swear that their purpose was to wipe you out? I learned how to identify those people early, so I learned how to screen people. I was very confident and competent and I could do practically anything. But, when I realized what a big job we had to do I realized that we had to set up a procedure that others could duplicate. Because I tried training people to be Fred Ulan, and guess what? Most of them were not Fred Ulan.

It’s a lot of stress, by the way, being the only one. I didn’t want to be the only one. So, I had to break down what I did into parts and then work with others and see how they could do these things even though they weren’t Fred Ulan. In other words, the system that I’m teaching you is not based on my personality. Anybody can do this. All you have to do is want to do it. And as you do the right actions, you’ll find that your own competence and confidence level comes up and you start being more you, not more Fred Ulan. I’m not trying to make a bunch of clones here. Believe me, it would drive me nuts if everywhere I went, there was another me.

I want you to be achieving what you’re really capable of, because many practitioners are not achieving anything near the volume of the good that we need to do. We have a system here that makes it possible for you to reach more people more efficiently who are more ready to receive your help. Those people can then become the core of an expanding practice that continually refer more and more people just like them. You reach out into the society that way instead of starting with the tough, ruined cases that are beyond our help and just wrestling with them and feeling that somehow we are responsible for their condition and failing. We go the other tact and find the people who are most capable of responding to what we do, because there are tons of them out there and they know each other and you don’t know them yet. Using this system, you will find who these people are and they will start referring everybody else to you.

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