by Vicki Gailzaid

Most people have experienced dry skin. Your skin starts to itch and may come off in small flakes. It usually starts with the skin’s fine lines becoming sharper, and the skin starts to feel more rough. When it gets worse the skin may get red and start to itch with a vengeance. It’s distracting, it isn’t pretty and it can even become painful.

There’s a reason that it becomes even more common and even more irritable during winter. Winter is a time of low humidity, so there is actually less moisture in the air. If you’re skin is already dry then in winter it’ll most likely get worse. BUT, just because winter rolls around doesn’t mean you have to suffer.

Moisture is important to preventing dry, unhealthy skin. But water alone isn’t enough to rehydrate the dry skin cells. There are natural skin oils that normally act as buffer between the human body and Mother Nature. If the skin oils are lost then the skin under them will stand open to the effects of the elements, and that’s when dry skin enters the picture. Restoring these oils is actually the most important factor in dry skin care. This is why when you stand over a sink for half an hour washing dishes in hot, soapy water your skin feels dry afterward. You’d think because you had immersed your hands in water they’d be moisturized, but what’s happened is the skin oils get wiped off. The same thing happens after a very long shower or bath in hot water. The solution is not just water, it could be part of the problem!

Fortunately, there’s a solution. A dry skin treatment with a natural moisturizer is essential to restoring the protective oils of the body. You do not want a product with a bunch of artificial chemicals, as these won’t help restore the skin’s natural oil. A dry skin lotion should help the skin get back to its normal state and if it’s a natural skin product then it will do this. One key ingredient you want in a good dry skin lotion is lanolin which does an excellent job of sealing in moisture.

It’s also important to get in a routine that doesn’t adversely affect the skin. Wash your hands and shower in warm, not hot, water and apply a skin moisturizer with lanolin about 3 minutes after getting out of the shower. Pat down with your towel instead of vigorously rubbing the body down. If a particular area is continually dry then apply moisturizer there as you need it throughout the day. Find a soap that does not irritate the skin and be cautious about overuse. If you work a job that puts your hands continually under hot water, a moisturizer for work is definitely recommended. Drinking enough water is essential to the moisture in a body, and can definitely be a factor contributing to skin condition.

If your skin has gotten painfully dry and itchy, or if it’s become infected due to continually dry skin in an area, you should consult a dermatologist. They can recommend a skin treatment program to address the issue and bring the skin back to its usual, healthy state. Consult them on the application of a moisturizer that can be used in conjunction with any other recommended therapy.

With the above you should be able to restore your skin to a healthy, strong state that isn’t likely to fall prey to the evils of low humidity. Finding a natural moisturizer can make all the difference and start you on the road to living free of dry skin.