(Clearwater, FL) – Psoriasis sufferers nationwide claim that Ultra Balm (http://www.ultrabalm.com) effectively treats the symptoms of psoriasis, including dry, itching and cracking skin. Ultra Balm is a revolutionary skin care product that relieves dry skin, from mild to severe cases.

“I’ve had a bad case of psoriasis for over 20 years,” says a woman from Illinois. “Before Ultra Balm, I think I tried everything, from prescription drugs and invasive injections, to numerous alternative medicine treatments, but none ever gave me the relief that Ultra Balm has.”

Psoriasis is a skin and joint disease that affects approximately 3% of the world’s population. The condition causes outbreaks of raised red lesions surrounded by silvery white dead skin scales that can cover the whole body. Symptoms include burning, itching, cracking, bleeding and pain.

In addition to skin disfiguration, psoriasis can cause joint inflammation, also known as psoriatic arthritis. When psoriasis affects the joints, it can make working or performing simple tasks at home extremely difficult. Psoriasis is believed to be triggered by many different factors, including certain kinds of drugs, stress, infections and injuries to the skin.

Ultra Balm is an FDA certified product that contains Vitamin A, an anti-oxidant; Vitamin D, which helps with new cell growth and bone development, Vitamin E which repairs tissues and promotes healing, Aloe, a skin healer and moisturizer, and Lanolin, which is used to soften all types of leather and considered the “Heavy Duty” moisturizer for rough, dry skin. Launched in 2004, Ultra Balm is sold nationwide at health and beauty shows, home and garden shows, state fairs, selected retailers and online at http://www.ultrabalm.com.

“I was suffering with psoriasis on my hands and feet. The medicine that my doctor was prescribing for me was too strong, therefore making it worse,” says another Ultra Balm customer. “Since I discovered Ultra Balm, the condition of my hands and feet has greatly improved, and the dry, chapped skin is being replaced by healthy smooth skin.”

To find out more about Ultra Balm, visit the Ultra Balm website at http://www.ultrabalm.com, or contact Sales R Us, Inc. at 727-447-3543.