By Freddie Ulan, DC, CCN


What organ do we need to address first? Once we know what organ we need to address first we know (based on our vast clinical knowledge from the research we’ve done) what foods contain the nutrients that help and support that organ. The wonderful thing is that none of these things are very organ-specific. When you’re helping one part of the body you’re always helping another part of the body.

When researching Nutrition Response Testing, the bottom line was how to design a program that addressed the correct priority in a way that the patient could do it without difficulty. It also had to be economical because no insurance company would pay for actual healthcare; they only pay for disease maintenance care. You had to address the economics of the situation. It had to be an easy-to-do program, it had to be something that was easy to understand. It had to be something that you could do no matter how busy you were as a practitioner; it had to be something that was not time-consuming.

That led us onto the search for the right diet for the right person. People are always coming to me saying, “Well, what should I eat?” I say, “Well, I don’t know.” What I do know is that the person could probably make some improvements in the diet they’re on. And we developed a unique system of helping people improve their diet in a way that they could maintain and continue to upgrade their health. But diet alone wasn’t enough. We wanted diet to be the answer, it seemed to be the simplest.

Food today requires a tremendous amount of work from the body. It requires step-by-step breaking down and transforming the leaf of a vegetable or piece of fruit into a particle that a cell can use to replace something that it needs for energy, restoration and detoxification, etc. So, we had to go further and find out what products exist that actually fit the definition of genuine replacement parts.

That, then, opened the door to a huge amount of experimentation. There are so many product lines out there. There is so much false, misleading PR, that what we had to do was go through many different lines of products and literally test each of them against the body to see what strengthened the body, what weakened the body and what brought about the correct response from the autonomic nervous system.

We learned how to judge these things. This is very technical; I can’t cover everything about it in this short article. It takes hundreds of hours to train somebody in this stuff. If someone already has their full medical training or chiropractic training, they have the background. Then we just have to help them “unlearn” a few things and fit this new concept in and then they can start using it.

The point is that we had to come up with products that actually answered the problem of what you can give to somebody whose body is debilitated, that he can then utilize to handle the first priority, then over a period of time monitor that and ensure it’s working. And then know when you can add the second priority, then the third, etc.

What’s very interesting to me is the number of patients who have come into our clinics who have six, seven, eight different priorities, and sometimes the one they want handled is number eight. But our testing says we can’t fix that yet; that’s the reason they’ve not gotten well because they keep putting attention on number eight, but the body needs number one, two, three, four, five, six and seven handled first.

So, we would start with number one then we would move to number two. Sometimes you can do them concurrently, sometimes you can’t. But, somewhere around number three or number four the body starts taking care of the rest of it all by itself. This is the healing capability of the body.

As long as the patient’s diet has been improved, including taking the supplementation, which is specifically designed to handle their body’s priorities, we see people regaining their health. But even more importantly, regaining the capability of being responsible for their health.

And for me the big miracle, the thing that actually gives me the most pleasure in all this, is that they immediately start applying it to their children. So, literally, this is helping the children, the future generation from becoming victims of the lack of knowledge and some of the horrible stuff that’s going on out there in the healthcare field.

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