By Nancy Penrose

“Health care” is not a phrase most people associate with trees. Why do tree experts talk so much about tree health care? Simply because it’s the best way to care for your trees and keep your property looking beautiful.

Here are some of the targets of tree health care:


Common pests that attack trees are aphids, adelgids and psyllids. They are usually worse in spring when trees put out their tender new growth.

Bacterial Infections

Common bacterial infections affecting trees are Fire Blight, Anthracnose and Fusarium wilt. In many cases, bacteria will enter the tree through a wound, and can remain dormant until the next growing season. When the infection is in full force you will probably notice clusters of brown, dead leaves. Untreated tree infections can lead to severe defoliation and even death of the tree.

Fungal Infections

Fungal infections appear in the fall when they are encouraged by seasonal rains. Infection can be present in the tree even when there are no visible signs. But fungal fruiting bodies may begin to appear along the roots and trunks of the trees. It’s important not to try to remove these until an arborist can assess the situation and prescribe the proper treatment.


Fertilization is one example of being proactive in tree care. Regular fertilization can create a brilliantly green canopy for the tree and make a noticeable difference in the aesthetic beauty of your yard.


Your arborist will be happy to work with you to help create a tree health care schedule that exactly fits your tree population, concerns and budget. It’s time to get healthy trees!

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