Construction Safety Inspector Briefs Public on Dangers of Winter Weather for a Home

LOS ANGELES, CA: Julian Construction, ( a construction company specializing in foundation repair and foundation construction, recently issued statements advising the public to be on the watch for foundation problems arising with the cold winter weather. The company’s partner and resident building safety inspection expert, Shawn Kyles, has published a general briefing advising the public what to look for and what to do if foundation problems are detected. The article gives specific advice on what to look for in winter months, but the data can be applied broadly to periods of cold weather.

Mr. Kyles stated: “Cold weather can crack foundations, which can allow water to enter the structure. Water is a foundation’s biggest enemy. When it permeates a structure, it can cause more cracks and many other types of damage. Foundations can crack in cold weather even if the temperature is above freezing. How cold does it have to be to cause foundation problems? Start checking for damage when temperatures drop below 40 degrees for three or more days.”

The article goes into greater detail on what conditions to look for which prompt foundation problems, the indicators when a structural problem surfaces, and further goes into ways to address them. The full text of the article can be seen here:

Julian De La Torre, founder of Julian Construction, stated: “It’s very important to stay on top of your home foundation’s maintenance. If there are any signs that it needs foundation repair, call a qualified specialist right away. Keeping it repaired at this time of year will prevent even worse damage as the soil and water conditions change, so we definitely recommend calling an expert. Your home’s safety is of the utmost importance.”

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