HopeCell.org Founders Invite Stem Cell Patients to Share Their Experiences and Successes

Los Angeles – HopeCell (http://www.hopecell.org), a connecting point for patients and free informational guide to stem cell therapy, is inviting patients to share their experiences with the benefits of stem cells. The website founders are interested in new or even old stories of stem cell benefits, which they will feature on their site to inspire patients with similar medical problems to continue to hope.

Stem cells are the basic building blocks of the human body and have the special characteristic of being able to divide and renew themselves for very long periods. In fact, stem cells were what originally grew all of your organs and body tissues before you were born. Beyond the treatments which are presently tried and proven (although not broadly known), ongoing research on stem cells is opening up still more vistas of possibility.

What can stem cells do? As an example, HopeCell.org co-founder Cass was herself on kidney dialysis and was told she would need a kidney transplant. After a short treatment using adult stem cells (taken from her own body), she successfully weaned off the dialysis and reports, “I continue to feel energetic…most important of all, I have my life back.” Her story can be read in full at http://www.hopecell.org/my-story/

“Historically, when major discoveries have occurred in medicine, it has sometimes taken many decades or even longer before they were widely implemented and became common knowledge,” says Cass. “We want to help overcome that cultural inertia both in the case of kidney stem cell therapy, which I have undergone so successfully, and in the case of other stem cell procedures as they are developed and tested. By sharing your own stem cell therapy review with other patients, through us, you will help raise awareness of these new possibilities.”

To contact Cass at HopeCell.org with your own success story or to ask her any questions, visit http://www.hopecell.org/contact-me/ To see a glossary of terms (stem cell definition and related words), visit http://www.hopecell.org/what-stem-cell/stem-cell-glossary/